nubilejackanape (nubilejackanape) wrote in transyouth,

Looking for Interview Subjects

Hi!  Pardon for barging in, but I'm training to be a youth librarian.  My partner is a trans man, and he ransacked the library not too long ago looking for books with trans characters.  He was ticked that he couldn't find anything, and it made an impression.  Since I'm supposed to be writing a paper on a sector of youth anyway, I've decided to make it about trans youth.

I'm looking around for trans youth to interview about how they found information about being trans--books, comics, web sites, blogs, clubs, relatives, anything and everything.  I'd prefer folks 18 and under but I'm willing to go up to 20.  I'm hoping that by learning how other folks got information, and where, I can be a better librarian in the future and help trans youth find the information they need.

If you're interested in doing an interview or a few chats within the next few days, comment here, AIM me at FroggieInBoots14, or send me an e-mail down at GreenoughMST over at  We can do the interview over e-mail, IM, phone, whatever you're most comfortable with; tell me which one you'd prefer, and which times are best for you.  It can be as short as a quick few questions about your experiences in libraries and looking for trans info, or it can be longer.  Whatever time you can offer would be great.


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