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charing cross in court

enough... is enough.

what if any and i mean ANY issues have you or your friends had with charing cross? there is someone taking them to and your comments below may help to build a better picture of the clinic's practices.

my experiences are of them loosing medical files, loosing referral notes, demanding 2 additional referrals despite having 2 that where adiquite enough for a grc... feeding friends [who was a recovering heroin addict] opiates such as morphine... so many more issues

a dr in scotland has presented a paper on how cost efficient transferring to a private clinic is compared to charing cross this dr is meeting up with people who fund it all in October and as such we need as much info as possible on issues you have had with charing cross - or your friends.

any info more than welcome :) let's help them improve the system

ps i dunno bout the details of the case...
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