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When I was 19 I got bashed by the police, I was asking them for help because I got hit on the

drivers side. I felt like something was wrong. I left the scene of the accident out of rage and

fear. I kept walking. Note that it was my first year witha license. I missed my therapist

appointment that day, and I think my therapist was worried, I was going to my best friends house

because she told me to go to a safe place when I called her minutes before the accident ever

happeend. Once I left the wreck The police showed up about 15 minutes late with a bundle of

police cars, I thought *DING!* the police will help me!. I walked towards the police and they

tackled me to the ground and slammed my face onto the curb without reading me my rights, crushed

the cuffs on my hands. I told them "I'm not fighting you, You are HURTING ME!" and they

transported me to a jail. I kept telling the cop who was "colored" (african american) (american)

(black) That i was trying to communicate with him. They transported me to another jail. The state

commited me. I was not scared of the jail but was there all day. It kept my life backwards. I got

HATE crimed on. When I was in the second jail as i had no glasses, for they were knocked off my

face. The police officer was laughing at me because of my BIRTHNAME. I turned around and said

"I'm transgendered you idiots" I could not see the papers I was signing they were reading it too

me but i was so disoriented from getting beat up that I didn't know what they were trying to tell

me. was DONE WRONG. The guy who hit me on the drivers side tried to sue me. When He got out o

the car before I walked away he got out of the car and shrugged his shoulders with a smile on his

face....That is why I left.......I did not trust that situation. He was saying "Sorry" without

words. I am tired. TIRED. TIRED. TIRED.
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Open Call for Photos!! I AM: Trans People Speak COMMUNITY

HI There,

My name is Jesse and I work with the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC). At MTPC I have been working on a multi-media project called I AM: Trans People Speak that highlights the lived experience of trans people in Mass.

We are launching a new phase of this project In February where anyone can create their own video to submit, much like the it gets better project.

If you do want to submit a photo, unfortunately we can only accept photos from people over 18 at this time unless you have parents permission.

Yesterday we just started our OPEN CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHS from anyone in the trans community and you can find the "official" open call on our facebook page:

Hope to see some of you submit your photos!

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Are you a writer or an artist, or interested in planning for a community? Are you a feminist, gender variant or transgender person, a sexual person, gay/bisexua/pansexual, or an ally? Are you between the ages of thirteen and twenty one?

If you answered yes to those questions, you may be interested in a community I’m planning, called Teen Gender Activists. It will be entirely ran by teens, for teens, who are interested in gender and its role in society. I’m planning on having regular features; a few examples are ‘What It’s Like to Be Me,’ a feature on the role gender plays in your lives, and a weekly feature on comics that have to do with gender roles.

I’m currently looking for artists and writers interested in working on features, graphic artists willing to make banners and work on the community template, and people interested in moderating the community, as well as general planners. If you’re one of those people, contact me by PM, at rsvampiress[at], or in a comment on this entry.

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I'm planning on coming out to my mother as genderqueer/transmasculine. This is what I've got so far:

I've been wanting to talk to you about this for a while, but I haven't been sure of how to phrase it properly. I don't identify as male or female. I'm not that keen on labels, but the ones I'm most comfortable are genderqueer and transmasculine. If you see gender as a spectrum rather than a binary, then people who identify as genderqueer fall somewhere in the middle. And I identify as transmasculine because although I don't identify as male or female, I will be comfortable with myself if I have a more male body, and a male name. I know this might be confusing for you, but I also know that you've asked me several times recently if I'm a butch lesbian, so hopefully this won't come as too much of a shock.


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charing cross in court

enough... is enough.

what if any and i mean ANY issues have you or your friends had with charing cross? there is someone taking them to and your comments below may help to build a better picture of the clinic's practices.

my experiences are of them loosing medical files, loosing referral notes, demanding 2 additional referrals despite having 2 that where adiquite enough for a grc... feeding friends [who was a recovering heroin addict] opiates such as morphine... so many more issues

a dr in scotland has presented a paper on how cost efficient transferring to a private clinic is compared to charing cross this dr is meeting up with people who fund it all in October and as such we need as much info as possible on issues you have had with charing cross - or your friends.

any info more than welcome :) let's help them improve the system

ps i dunno bout the details of the case...
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Join the Tribeca Protest Over "Ticked Off Trannies" Film

A demonstration against the Tribeca Film Festival's choice to feature the movie "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives" will take place in NYC tonight. The movie promotes transphobia and makes light of the rape and violence all too often directed at transwomen. In addition to the offensive title of the movie, the film portrays transwomen as being performers.

Looking for Interview Subjects

Hi!  Pardon for barging in, but I'm training to be a youth librarian.  My partner is a trans man, and he ransacked the library not too long ago looking for books with trans characters.  He was ticked that he couldn't find anything, and it made an impression.  Since I'm supposed to be writing a paper on a sector of youth anyway, I've decided to make it about trans youth.

I'm looking around for trans youth to interview about how they found information about being trans--books, comics, web sites, blogs, clubs, relatives, anything and everything.  I'd prefer folks 18 and under but I'm willing to go up to 20.  I'm hoping that by learning how other folks got information, and where, I can be a better librarian in the future and help trans youth find the information they need.

If you're interested in doing an interview or a few chats within the next few days, comment here, AIM me at FroggieInBoots14, or send me an e-mail down at GreenoughMST over at  We can do the interview over e-mail, IM, phone, whatever you're most comfortable with; tell me which one you'd prefer, and which times are best for you.  It can be as short as a quick few questions about your experiences in libraries and looking for trans info, or it can be longer.  Whatever time you can offer would be great.